Cally Yau is the Commercial Director for New Horizons Malaysia, one of PEOPLElogy’s acquired franchise responsible for all IT-related training and certifications.

She has been with the company for eight years. As a group, Cally successfully trained and build the New Horizons with structural departments in order to provide beyond average service delivery to all customers. Cally always aims big, not only for herself but also for others, especially those that she trained. She continues nurture more potential leaders in the future and help them realise their biggest potential. Her belief, “Success isn’t how much money you make, it’s about the difference you make in people’s lives”. The pursue of being number 1 in the ICT learning & development industry has makes her focus on helping customers to meet the organisation’s long-term needs and wants in the digital transformation era. The near future expansion will be venture into larger market with the ultimate goal to branch out across the South East Asia.