We revolutionise organisations through the enrichment of PEOPLE skills, measuring people performance with empirical METHODOLOGY and simplifying solutions using the latest TECHNOLOGY.


People are the cogs and wheels that drive the company to achieve their goals. At PEOPLElogy, we aim to inspire people to achieve more through discovery, development and digitalisation.


Each organisation requires empirical and replicable methodologies not just for their business operations, but to track individual work performance and organisational progress towards achieving their goals. PEOPLElogy helps organisations develop these methodologies through leadership and goal-oriented development frameworks.


As we move further into the digital age, applying the latest technology in business is a both a monumental and pertinent direction in order to stay competitive. PEOPLElogy provides technological solutions to help all organisations remain competitive in today’s challenging economic environment.

1500+ companies served

300+ courses/workshops delivered

800+ leaders produced

42k+ employees trained

60+ professional trainers (local & international)

11 learning partners

Our Brands

PEOPLElogy helps organisations achieve success through a number of in-house brands:


Improve your organisations standards and credibility with leadership, soft skills and performance improvement programs

New Horizons

Get certified in all things IT & IR 4.0 by the world’s largest Cybersecurity and Big Data certification centre.


Digitalise training and performance management with one comprehensive app.


Be part of Malaysia’s SME digitalisation community with amazing benefits and networking opportunities.


Improve your careeer growth opportunities and professional value through self-mastery, coaching and certification courses.


A collaboration with Yayasan Peneraju for certification in the Big Data industry

Penjana Program

A collaboration with HRDF Malaysia to reskill & upskill Malaysians for better employability


PEOPLElogy has successfully conducted events and conferences attended by people from various backgrounds and industries. Our events connect individuals and organisations to build lasting network while bringing equal learning opportunities to everyone.

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