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Goal alignment and prioritisation.

Encouraging transparency and open communication within the organisation, Awesome Summit meetings are held on the 1st Saturday of every month where PEOPLElogists share with the CEO and Heads of Departments (HoDs) their KRA achievements of the previous month. This pillar also comprises:

The Away Day Events

An outdoor day trip organized to encourage interaction between our staff members. During this event, each employee is encouraged to share their goals for the year. The goal setting session helps us to map out what is needed to be carried out to successfully plan our operations for the year ahead. It gives a chance for our employees to shine and showcase their inner talents outside of their work commitments.

Annual Trip

An exciting trip where every employee is treated to a thrilling getaway. For a few days, our employees will participate in various team bonding sessions and discuss long-term sustainability efforts to help drive productivity and profitability for our organization.

Awesome Summit

Every quarter, our employees will participate in our Awesome Summit session, where employees get to share their achievements and highlight their hopes and expectations to improve themselves in the future. It is also a great opportunity to align our new hires with the company culture and objectives.

PEOPLElogy Awesome Award

We have many standout employees who are go-getters and high achievers. We recognise the achievements and contributions of our employees by holding voting sessions where employees are given the flexibility and option to choose whoever they wish to receive the PEOPLElogy Awesome Award for the month.

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