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Business Development Manager

Job Description

Responsible for managing the Company’s and Group’s business development initiatives, focuses on business growth by developing and diversifying business opportunities, building and maintaining successful relationships with prospects and existing clients.

Key Responsibilities:

Business Development

  • To develop business plans for on-ground/roadshows/events/ joint promotions/workshops which include finding sponsorships, partners, and selling the event ticket).
  • To develop collaboration or partnerships on Learning & Development initiatives.
  • Establishing contacts with partners, planning presentations & proposals, and new marketing/business channel development.
  • To search for new market opportunities in the same industry.
  • To create other income streams for the company.

Product and Innovation

  • To be responsible for proposal writing and presentation of the Business Development team
  • To be responsible for new product development and innovations of existing products.


  • Undertake any other duties of compatible natures as may be required.

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