Chief Executive Officer

Innovating and Inspiring: The Vision of cally yau

Cally Yau

CEO of PEOPLElogy Development

Cally joined PEOPLElogy Development in 2010 and has grown leaps and bounds in her 12 years tenure with the organization. In July 2022, she was appointed Chief Executive Officer (CEO) due to her outstanding contributions in enhancing PEOPLElogy’s growth strategies and reputation in both national and international arena.

As the CEO of PEOPLElogy Development, her main responsibilities include planning, leading, and maintaining a healthy and growing company spirit to create a sustainable business model in the Human Capital Development ecosystem.

She has scaled up the company’s profitability through the stages of analysing the economic trends, new potential of revenue stream, lean costing fund raising for expansion and overall organisational growth.She also manages and creates an understanding of new regulations, statutory compliance, contract negotiation, latest news in the business professionals, financial and taxes, Human Resource matters, and documents for all business purposes.


Throughout her tenure with PEOPLElogy, she has embarked on the journey of transforming the organisation’s business strategies. through embracing digital transformation. Cally is working continuously to build a digital nation through successful collaboration with government bodies.

She has opened up opportunities for individuals and organizations from every industry and market sector to embrace digital transformation through acquiring important digital skill sets and raising their IR 4.0 capabilities to meet the demands of a constantly evolving business landscape.

She leads a great team of IT professionals to align with the company’s new direction of upskilling talents not just in Malaysia, but to expand their efforts throughout Southeast Asia.

Business Vision

Cally is motivated to mold PEOPLElogy to be the most innovative, impactful, and inspiring people development solutions provider in Southeast Asia. She believes that the global market can benefit extensively from PEOPLElogy’s business model. Hence, she gives full support in the organization’s efforts to provide more learning opportunities for individuals to upskill themselves and identify and harness areas of improvement.

She aims to expand PEOPLElogy’s service from being a traditional training solutions provider to providing career improvement certification tracks. She will continue driving the organization’s research and development (R&D) efforts to find the best brand development and strategies to aggrandize the organization’s products and services.


Cally fosters a positive workplace culture which aligns with the organization’s mission, vision, and values. She believes that maintaining a highly positive workplace culture that is consistent improves the staff’s welfare and productivity. An example of her initiative to create consistency and a positive environment within the organization would be to develop an effective staff onboarding and retention plan to sustain high quality talents within the organization.


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