Corporate Culture

In PEOPLElogy, fostering an innovative and empowerment culture lies in discipline and accountability. The monthly assessments of the Key Result Areas (KRAs) measure the job performance of the staff against the overall business objective. The criteria in the KRAs focus on results of every PEOPLElogist in the hopes of motivating them to achieve their optimal performance. Coaching and mentoring play an important role in employee retention. When the staff performance is clearly measured and expectation well communicated, this will contribute positively to the overall company performance.

Our culture is shaped by the beliefs of our staff (known as PEOPLElogists) and how they facilitate communication and teamwork, driving work performance for career and personal growth. We are passionate about seven core values:

7 Core Values

The people of PEOPLElogy are hand-picked based on similar passion and drive. We also incorporate 7 core values that became part of our work culture.

Delivering WOW through Services

We WOW our customers, buddies, vendors, partners and investors. We value respect, integrity and continuous learning. We encourage communication through our open door policy.

Build Open and Honest Relationships through Communication

We believe that the basis of a strong relationship is an open and honest communication. We listen with the intention to help.

Pursue Growth and Learning

Learning should be fun and appeal to all types of learners and personalities. As we grow individually, the company grows with us.

Be Passionate and Determined

One must always be passionate and determined in his or her work tasks and personal endeavours to achieve a sense of fulfilment.

Be Humble

Humility is our priority even when our goals have been successfully accomplished. We learn through our mistakes and never underestimate adversaries and challenges.

Embrace Change

In embracing change, we connect with others through exchanging of opinions and ideas.

Building the Flow of Happiness

The flow of happiness is of our own making and it leads towards growing complexity and consciousness.

Fantastic Four

The Fantastic 4 pillar comprises activities that have been designed to promote the seven core values within PEOPLElogy, encourage teamwork, productivity, and create a high-performance work culture.

Morning Zest

Buddy groups taking turns to conduct engagement activities for the staff on the mornings of Monday and Friday each week.

PEOPLElogist Squad

Conducts activities for members of the staff to create a healthy work-life balance.


Encouraging transparency and open communication within the organisation, Awesome Summit meetings are held on the 1st Saturday of every month where PEOPLElogists share with the CEO and Heads of Departments (HoDs) their KRA achievements of the previous month. This pillar also comprises:

  • The Away Day event
  • Annual trip
  • Awesome Summit
  • PEOPLElogy Awesome Award.

Learning Session

Staff have the opportunity to learn and exchange ideas with the CEO every Friday afternoon. Topics for these dialogues include personal development, motivation, business insights and personal interest.

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