We assist your organization to set goals, develop skillsets for your people, and embrace the growth mindset to achieve success.


We customize winning solutions for your organization to achieve long-term success.

We conduct multiple assessments to analyze and evaluate your organization’s strengths and weaknesses. We then help you to develop a winning formula for your organization. Your employees are your greatest asset. We help them to unlock their leadership potential, hone their collaborative skills, and upskill them to keep up with the constantly evolving modern workplace so that they stay ahead of their competitors. To achieve this, we encourage our learners to embrace the growth mindset.

We believe that you can mold your employees to sharpen their talents and increase their knowledge by making a concerted effort and taking action to drive personal and organizational growth. Another important key to organizational success is the willingness of their leaders to adapt to changes. Embracing change and staying up to date with the latest industry practices and technology will help align your employees with the growing demands of the contemporary corporate world and future-proof your business. Organizational success starts from within. For you to achieve success with your clients and customers, we can help you foster an innovative and collaborative culture within your workforce to elevate your business.

Our Methodology



Our eLearning session, such as our exclusive Goal Essential (GE) program, consists of 45-60 minutes of eLearning content which is tailored specifically for this development program. With these resources, learners can study at a time which is most convenient for them, and it allows them to take breaks. Learners are given a login access of up to one year, which gives them ample opportunity to refresh what they have learned after completing the practical journey.

Hybrid Learning


Executives who are required to juggle their main responsibilities at work with other commitments may not have the flexibility to attend in-class or virtual classes full-time to upskill themselves. Hence, we have introduced a hybrid learning framework to our programs to enable participants to manage their time more effectively while seeking new learning opportunities and certifications.

In-class or virtual learning


Once participants have equipped themselves with the knowledge acquired during the pre-engagement session, they may attend the in-class or virtual classes where they will be guided by our team of seasoned professionals who have the knowledge and expertise to guide them in improving their learning or career pursuits.

Our Brands


Goal provides leadership skills, soft skills development and performance improvement solutions to all individuals and companies through our extensive network of well qualified training professionals with diversified skills and experience.


Talents is a social enterprise that bridges the gap between employees and industries. Using a proven people development methodology, Talents prepares employees for a lucrative career by increasing their professional value and employability.

Our Franchise


Technology Mastery For Everyone

As changes in technology have accelerated, it’s become even more essential for people to master technology to be productive, invaluable employees who optimize, programmed, and invent solutions – and even grow companies of their own. For over 35 years, New Horizons has provided more than 30 million students with industry – leading technical that delivers the most relevant and intuitive computer courses certifications.