AWS Technical Essentials

AWS Technical Essentials

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Course Overview

AWS Technical Essentials provides an overview of AWS products, services, and common solutions. It teaches the fundamentals of identifying AWS services in order to make informed decisions about IT solutions based on current business requirements and to get started working on AWS. 

Corporate Benefits

Upskilling your employees in this certification offers several advantages, including: 

  • Improving employee productivity and efficiency when using AWS services 
  • Saving business money on infrastructure costs, maintenance, and operational expenses with skilled employees in AWS services 
  • Increasing a company’s competitive advantage in its industry by utilising AWS services 
  • Increasing a company’s flexibility and scalability of cloud computing to deploy and manage resources on demand 
  • Improving organisational decision-making by understanding the benefits and limitations of AWS services for meeting business needs 

Course ratings

Haider Khalid
Senior Software Enginee
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"The AWS Technical Essentials course was a great way to get started with the AWS platform. It gave our team the fundamental knowledge they needed to design and implement AWS solutions for our clients."
Tan Siew Mei
IT Manager
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"We found this AWS Technical Essentials course to be extremely informative and engaging. It provided us with a thorough understanding of the AWS platform, and we were able to easily implement AWS solutions for our clients."
Rajesh Krishnan
Cloud Solutions
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"Our team's experience with the AWS Technical Essentials course was transformative. It provided us with the skills and knowledge we needed to optimise our cloud infrastructure and boost operational efficiency."
Samantha Lee
DevOps Engineer
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"The AWS Technical Essentials course gave us a thorough understanding of the AWS platform and how we can use it to improve our business operations. It was an excellent investment for our company."
Muthu Kumar Selvam
Technical Consultant
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"Our team felt the AWS Technical Essentials course to be an excellent programme. We were able to immediately apply our new skills to optimise our cloud infrastructure because the training was engaging and informative."

Why Choose Us ?

  • Reputable training facility with over 20 years of experience.
  • Experienced and knowledgeable instructors
  • High-quality, relevant, and up-to-date training materials
  • Convenient training that fits your hectic schedule
  • Good value for money that is worth the investment

Course Objectives

  • Recognize terminology and concepts as they relate to the AWS platform and navigate the AWS Management Console 
  • Understand the foundational services, including Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3), and Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS) 
  • Understand the security measures AWS provides and key concepts of AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) 
  • Understand AWS database services, including Amazon DynamoDB and Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS) 
  • Understand AWS management tools, including Auto Scaling, Amazon CloudWatch, Elastic Load Balancing (ELB), and AWS Trusted Advisor
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Who Should Get Certified

  • Individuals responsible for articulating the technical benefits of AWS services to customers 
  • Individuals interested in learning how to get started with AWS 
  • SysOps Administrators 
  • Solutions Architects 
  • Developers
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  • Have working knowledge of distributed systems 
  • Familiarity with general networking concepts 
  • Have working knowledge of multi-tier architectures 
  • Familiarity with cloud computing concepts
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Course Curriculum

Module 1: Introduction to Amazon Web Services 

  • Introduction to AWS Cloud 
  • Security in the AWS Cloud 
  • Hosting the employee directory application in AWS 
  • Hands-On Lab: Introduction to AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) 


Module 2: AWS Compute 

  • Compute as a service in AWS 
  • Introduction to Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud 
  • Amazon EC2 instance lifecycle 
  • AWS container services 
  • What is serverless? 
  • Introduction to AWS Lambda 
  • Choose the right compute service 
  • Hands-On Lab: Launch the Employee Directory Application on Amazon EC2 


Module 3: AWS Networking 

  • Networking in AWS 
  • Introduction to Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC) 
  • Amazon VPC routing 
  • Amazon VPC security 
  • Hands-On Lab: Create a VPC and Relaunch the Corporate Directory Application in Amazon EC2 


Module 4: AWS Storage 

  • AWS storage types 
  • Amazon EC2 instance storage and Amazon Elastic Block Store (Amazon EBS) 
  • Object storage with Amazon S3 
  • Choose the right storage service 
  • Hands-On Lab: Create an Amazon S3 Bucket 


Module 5: Databases 

  • Explore databases in AWS 
  • Amazon Relational Database Service 
  • Purpose-built databases 
  • Introduction to Amazon DynamoDB 
  • Choose the right AWS database service 
  • Hands-On Lab: Implement and manage Amazon DynamoDB 


Module 6: Monitoring, Optimization, and Serverless 

  • Monitoring 
  • Optimization 
  • Alternate serverless employee directory application architecture 
  • Hands-On Lab: Configure High Availability for Your Application 


Module 7: Course Summary 

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