We help your organisation to analyse, manage and monitor the learning progress of your people with a single application.


Analyze, manage, and measure your employee’s learning progress.

When your employee participates in a leadership, training, or upskilling program, it can be difficult to determine how much they have learned or how much they can apply in their work. Hence, it is important that you have an application or a framework in which you can measure your employees’ performance after undergoing such programs. At PEOPLElogy, we help your organization to analyze, manage, and monitor the learning progress of your employees and learners with a single application, our proprietary learning application, PEOPLEAPS.

Your employees’ progress and performance are streamlined and accessible on the comprehensive mobile platform. This gives you an idea of what your employees need help with and what they have mastered. This way, you can ensure the necessary steps are taken to help your employees reap thefull benefits of any program in which they enrol themselves.

With PEOPLEAPS, measuring your employees’ key performance index (KPI) and monitoring their continuous learning efforts can be made easier, and you can tailor your employees’ learning needs so that none of them gets left behind in your pursuit to expand your business needs.

Our Brands


PEOPLEaps is an app based, augmented learning platform designed for continuous learning and performance management.  Designed with LEAPS  in mind, it delivers a seamless platform for both participants and trainers, while creating employee performance analytics for HR and leaders alike.


Skillsture, short for “skills of the future” is a live-streaming education. You will have the option to gain access to a wide selection of trainers who will be live-streaming classes. This app comes with an additional feature that lets users purchase courses which may come. with micro-credentials from respective trainers and institutions.