Morning Zest


We constantly encourage team bonding sessions among our employees. Hence, we create buddy groups in which we divide our employees into equal teams, named after our seven core values. Every Monday and Friday morning, respective buddy groups take turns arranging a selection of fun-filled, creative, and refreshing tasks to keep our staff feeling energized and utilize their teamwork skills to excel in the set tasks given.

Merdeka Celebration

The greatest part of being a PEOPLElogist is that we get to experience a culture that brings people together, helps us grow as a team, and helps us together achieve goals. For me, our 7 core values have always been my guiding principles to achieve my goals.


Our morning zest sessions serve as a good energy boost and help maintain a positive and vibrant feeling within our workplace.


A good corporate culture fosters a sense of belonging to the organisation and serves as a catalyst for employees to perform better in the workplace in order to achieve personal and organisational goals.