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Overview of National Training Week?

A week of nationwide training events and activities that bring together organisations and individuals from various backgrounds and industries to experience a wide range of learning and development opportunities.

Training programmes will be organised and offered for free to Malaysians by Malaysians.

NTW will be championed by the Ministry of Human Resources and HRD Corp. It will feature other government ministries and agencies, industry players, individuals, industry associations, academia, training providers and more.

Objectives of Event

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Individual Objectives

Corporate Objectives

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Benefits of Joining

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Individual Benefits

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Corporate Benefits

Who Should Attend This Event?


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How to Join This Event

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Our Courses

Course - Skill Transformation

Skill Transformation

Gain sought-after IR 4.0 skills which are in high demand by today’s employers.

Course - Leadership Transformation

Leadership Transformation

Gain valuable insights from leading industry experts on what it takes to be a great leader.

Course - Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

Stay up to date with the latest industry trends and digital transformation initiatives.

It’s The Day Of Opportunity To Unleash Your True Potential

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