April 19, 2023

PEOPLElogy Development Organizes First-Ever AWS Discovery Day

by Jaafar Mohamed

On 14th April 2023, PEOPLElogy Development, in partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS), held its first, highly anticipated AWS Discovery Day. The monumental event saw a remarkable turnout of nearly 200 virtual participants. They tuned in to discover the various facets and benefits that the most widely used cloud platform, AWS has to offer prospective organizations and users.

The event was hosted by the Corporate Team Lead of PEOPLElogy Development, Mr. Selvino Lindon De Costa, who gave a warm welcome to participants and kept them engaged throughout the webinar. Mr Umaish Nair, a seasoned IT trainer with over 17 years of international infrastructure training experience, was invited to lead the webinar on two main agendas, Introduction to the Cloud and AWS, and Overview of AWS Services.

This first segment of the webinar presented by Mr. Umaish Nair, introduced the participants to the innovative features that AWS has to offer.

The main features of AWS that could elevate organizations included on-demand delivery of IT services as well as not having to fork out huge capital expenditure to purchase a sizable IT infrastructure. Organizations can also customize AWS services they need by provisioning its computing resources, and they are given the flexibility to pay only for the services they need.

The experienced IT veteran also elaborated on the benefits of migrating to AWS Cloud, which includes agility, elasticity, cost saving measures, and rapid deployment.

The event was also attended by guest speaker Mr. Lim Kim Meng, the lead of AWS’ ASEAN Training Partner, who highlighted the shortage of workers with advanced digital skills in the APAC region as well as the advantages they can obtain if they digitally upskill. He also elaborated on the AWS Cloud Journey and how gaining an AWS certification can improve one’s long-term career prospects, validate their skills, and help them get noticed by top employers.

AWS discovery

The event concluded with the host announcing to the lucky attendants that 30 early registrants will be entitled to a 10% discount off AWS Courses offered by PEOPLElogy Development, which includes AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials, Architecting on AWS and Developing on AWS.

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