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Founder of PEOPLElogy Group

Founder, Allen Lee graduated with a Social Science degree from the National University of Malaysia. He started his career as an Education Counselor, where he coached and guided students in their academic path. It was here that he experienced an epiphany about developing people to harness their abilities and achieve true potential.


Allen believes in being laser focus to achieve mastery. His business success is a result of hard work and persistence in pursuing his passion in the learning and development industry. He emphasizes the well-being of his staff as they are key to the company’s progress.

1998 - 2002
2002 - 2011
2012 – 2014
2016 - Present
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How It All Began
Returning to Malaysia in 1998 with a Master’s in Industrial Psychology from Wesleyan University, United States, he ventured into the furniture business and made RM1 million in the first nine months. However, he lost this money in the next 18 months and incurred an additional debt of RM1.5 million. Allen viewed this setback as part of his entrepreneurial journey. He believed that education is key to developing people.
Early Years in Developing People
In this period, he set up Jiwa Asia Technology Sdn Bhd with a noble vision of inspiring one million lives through people development. He offered the first programme under the National Vocational Training Council (MLVK) and grew his corporate clientele by organising various courses ranging from Information Technology (IT) to Youth Development and Entrepreneurship. Nonetheless, he encountered a huge setback when he lost his invested capital in the 2011 Entrepreneurial Youth programme due to the Bersih rally. Recovering the business two years on, the company’s name was changed to PEOPLElogy Development Sdn Bhd with five staff under his stewardship. The unrelenting determination to pursue his dream set forth the path towards the future success of the company.
Powering Ahead with Happiness
At this stage, he was not satisfied even with the establishment of three brands, namely BoostOn, GoalsOn and SkillsOn. In 2014, he travelled to the United States and visited Zappo. While there, he witnessed how the late American Internet entrepreneur and venture capitalist Tony Shieh managed to create happiness in the working environment. This sparked Allen to conclude that the success of an organisation is derived from the alignment of the individual and organisational goals and values. This realisation came as he is making money but not feeling contentment and a sense of fulfillment. He brought this value shifting concept back to Malaysia and implemented it in PEOPLElogy, which has expanded to 17 employees.
Innovation and Digitalization
During 2017-2019, Allen visited Tsinghua University (Beijing, China), European School of Management and Technology (Berlin, Germany) and Silicon Valley Academy (California, United States). He realized the importance of adapting to the Fourth Industrial Revolution (IR4.0) and digital era for Malaysia and the world communities. Hence, he now focuses on innovating and improving the range of development programmed to grow the company’s clients and build strong brands. He believes that innovation is an important factor for organizations in increasing their earnings.

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Allen values his staff and places utmost importance on developing their skillsets and guiding them to achieve their true potential. His leadership style is defined by these guiding principles:

  • Vision of helping one million people to achieve their career goals by providing integrated people development solutions.
  • Compassionate by retaining the top performing PEOPLElogists for future expansion of the organisation.
  • Developing and providing staff with new skillsets to enhance their area of expertise.
  • Fostering genuine work relationships and commitment amongst PEOPLElogists in pursuing the organisational goals.
  • Prioritising integrity as the most important code of conduct.

His study visit to ESMT in Germany was an eye-opener and made him realize that innovation is crucial for a company to progress to the next level of growth. The dynamic innovation culture pioneered by Allen gave birth to PEOPLEAPS, which developed the first learning and development (L&D) application in South East Asia.

Known as LEAPS (Learning Essential Augmented Platform System), it delivers a seamless platform for employees, employers and training providers in measuring the effectiveness of L&D programmed. Employers and human resource practitioners can now monitor the learning progress of their staff at their fingertips.

PEOPLEAPS challenges the conservative mindset of corporates by creating solutions for age-old problems faced by organizations in developing their people. PEOPLElogy foresees that this digital transformation allows more companies to invest in human capital, thus bridging the skill gap needed towards Industry 4.0.

Visit of Fabrication lab in Berlin

Google office tour and study

Visit to Berlin’s European School of Management and Technology (ESMT), Germany


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