Our Story

PEOPLElogy creates value for corporations by developing their most important entity, that is the talent. Founded by Allen Lee back in 2004 as a corporate training company in Klang (Selangor), PEOPLElogy now offers a collective brand in developing individuals through(discovery – consultation), (develop – skill) and (digital – transformation) to maximise their competitive edge. This is achieved through superior people skills, organised work methodology and innovative operation with the latest technology.

With Allen Lee’s deep rooted passion in turning PEOPLElogy into the pinnacle of the learning and development industry, he realised that he could not do it all on his own. He started to build and develop his employees to move the company further towards his intended goal. This is where PEOPLElogists are born and helped grow the company

Today, with more than 50 PEOPLElogists (and still growing) and five brands (Goal, PEOPLEAPS, New Horizons, Growth and Talents) under its wings PEOPLElogy still maintains an agile approach of business that are based on methodical framework and yet still employ creative problem solving and open communication.

Our Vision and Mission


To be the most innovative, impactful and inspiring people development solution provider that encourages life-long learning, nurtures innovation and support technology into any individuals that work in any organization.


To inspire 1 million lives through people discovery, people development, & people digitalization.

Corporate Framework

PEOPLElogy has been following a set of unique framework in assisting our clients in discovering talents for future success


We assist clients through interdisciplinary approaches and innovative methods in order to enable them to discover their potential and turn it into future capabilities


We offer solutions that will develop and transform these newly discovered potentials into the right skills that will help them remain relevant in today’s fast-changing world.


We develop these newly discovered skills with digital tools, courses and knowledge of technology that are designed to reinforce and encourage further improvement .