PEOPLElogy Squad


Conduct activities for employees to create a healthy work-life balance. We participate in awesome events such as bowling tournaments, squash practices, and other team-oriented activities where employees get to let loose and let their inner talents shine in an informal setting.

It’s not easy to lead a healthy lifestyle especially when working in a corporate world, but with the existence of PEOPLElogy Squad, I managed to spare some time for activities and sports. NGL, my work-related stress has been very manageable as it helps me to de-stress from work. Keep it up, squad!

Tengku Yasmin

Working in a fast-paced environment can be very overwhelming which may lead to employee stress and demotivation. Thankfully, PEOPLElogy Squad came out with various activities among PEOPLElogists that increase employee wellness, engagement and productivity.

Safwan Zakwan

PEOPLElogy Squad activity boost my mood/motivation I get to know my colleague while we have fun together! Its very good culture for PEOPLElogy, keep it up

Nadhirah Azmi